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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Care in Murrieta

Adjusting patientAre you or a loved one suffering from a traumatic brain injury or TBI? While chiropractic care does not directly resolve TBI, it does help address the stressors impacting the brain. Trailhead Family Chiropractic is here to offer hope to the hopeless, providing chiropractic evaluations adjustments specifically for those struggling post TBI.

The Underlying Source

Our practice understands that TBI induces a constant state of fight or flight within the body. This perpetual stress response can manifest in various physical symptoms, including digestive issues, as the autonomic nervous system struggles to regulate bodily function.

We are here to deliver chiropractic adjustments tailored to your unique needs. Beginning with a thorough consultation and in-depth examination, our practice will design a care plan according to your health history and current condition.

Restoring Balance

Chiropractic care for TBI involves addressing the dysregulation within the autonomic nervous system. Our chiropractors utilize specific chiropractic adjustments to provide the brain with the parasympathetic feedback necessary to initiate healing.

We understand that no two patients are the same, especially those dealing with TBI. Our practice here to assess the severity of injury and determine the safest course of action. Our chiropractors rely on a wide array of adjustment techniques, including both manual and instrument-assisted manipulations, to ensure patient comfort while facilitating neurological recovery.

Our practice is also home to drop table adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and nutritional guidance to keep you comfortable and expedite healing.

Encouraging Neuroplasticity

Chiropractic care contributes to the development of new brain pathways. This is a fundamental aspect of neuroplasticity. Our hope is to realign the spine to reduce stress on the nervous system, assisting the brain in rewiring itself and better adapting to post-injury challenges.

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Chiropractic care offers a holistic approach to TBI recovery. Our approach focuses on identifying the underlying source of your suffering and restoring balance to your body through specific, routine chiropractic adjustments.

Are you ready to feel better and live well? Contact our practice to learn more.


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