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Constipation Relief in Murrieta

Baby crawlingTrailhead Family Chiropractic understands that irregular bowel movements negatively impact young children and older adults alike. In addition to nutritional support and lifestyle recommendation, we offer chiropractic to those suffering from constipation.

Our practice is here to listen to your concerns, learn more about your condition, and help you live your healthiest. Find out more about our holistic approach to constipation today.

The Communication Breakdown

Constipation can be the result of a breakdown in communication between the brain and digestive system due to an active fight or flight response. When the nervous system is compromised, the brain and stomach fail to communicate properly. This often leads to poor digestion due to gut inflammation or poor gut motility.

Unbeknownst to many, chiropractic care is a safe and natural option for bowel dysfunction. Our practice utilizes specific chiropractic adjustments to restore proper movement to the spine, restore balance to the nervous system, and allow the brain and stomach to communicate optimally. Ultimately, this process encourages the regulation of digestive processes.

Your Stress Patterns

Our practice conducts thorough spinal examinations to identify areas of stress, particularly in the low back and upper cervical spine, that may be interrupting nerve communication. By looking at your body as a whole and locating stress patterns, we can deliver chiropractic adjustments conducive to a healthy nervous system, including optimal digestion.

When your nervous system is functioning at its best, your brain is no longer in a state of fight or flight and communication within the digestive system is restored. This allows for the proper digestion of food, resulting in softer bowel movements and relief from constipation.

Our Approach to Care

Our approach to chiropractic care is not one-size-fits all. Frequency and duration of care depends entirely on the patient at hand. You can rest assured knowing our interventions are tailored to address the specific needs of each individual.

Be sure to contact us with questions regarding your particular condition. We are glad to offer you hope and put you at ease.

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Through targeted chiropractic adjustments, our practice offers a natural solution to constipation.

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