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Trailhead Family Chiropractic FAQs

Our practice understands that some patients may be nervous about beginning their chiropractic journey. Trailhead Family Chiropractic is here to address your questions and concerns to put you at ease.

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Do you accept insurance?
We are not in network with insurance companies. However, we do offer family membership plans to make care more accessible. When you break down the cost of care, you will find that our payment schedules are comparable to, if not more affordable than, most co-pays.

What is your preferred chiropractic technique?

We utilize various chiropractic techniques to better serve each patient. We offer both hands-on and instrument-assisted approaches, depending on age and condition. Our practice also utilizes both drop tables and soft tissue therapy to accommodate our diverse patient community.

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Yes. Research suggests that chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe, but effective. The study Pregnancy and chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature” published in the NIH says “A retrospective case series was performed to describe the results of chiropractic treatment offered to a sample of pregnant women.29 Of 17 patients, 16 demonstrated clinically important improvement. The average time until relief was found to be a mean of 4.5 days after the initial treatment. The average number of treatments when substantial relief was achieved was 1.8 treatments. No adverse effects of treatment were reported.” We carefully adjust our approach to care as a woman progresses through each stage of pregnancy. It is also important to us to consider current symptoms and overall comfort when deciding how to move forward during visits.

How does an infant adjustment differ from an adult adjustment?

With infants, we use no more pressure than one would apply to determine ripeness of soft fruit or vegetable. Our practice relies on gentle, low force chiropractic techniques that are safe for your little one.

Do I always have to go to the chiropractor once I start?
While we recommend continuing with wellness care once your presenting symptoms are resolved, you are in control of your healthcare. As life stressors are constantly altering your well-being, however, we recommend wellness care to promote continued progress and optimal wellness.

How often will I be seen?

Frequency of appointments depends entirely on the individual. Our care plans are not one-size-fits-all. We often begin with adjusting most patients two to three times per week, depending on their condition and overall wellness goals.

Do you have to adjust my neck?

Adjustments to your neck can be extremely important If you do require a neck adjustment, we have a wide array of adjustment methods to accommodate your level of comfort. If you are not comfortable with manual adjustments, we offer instrument-assisted adjustments without any cracking or popping.

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Our practice is here to address any additional questions or concerns you might have prior to scheduling your consultation.

Be sure to contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you get started.


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